La Grange Chords | ZZ Top

(When playing the above strumming pattern beat 7 is the C chord and beat 8 is the D chord.
For the Intro, first Verse and beginning of the Outro the above pattern is played with muted strums.)

(for solo)

C  x3555x       
Eb x6888x      
F  x-8-10-10-10-x

A     C D A

  C    D          A             C    D  A      C
Rumors spreadin' 'round in that   Texas town
D          A             C  D      A
'bout that shack outside La Grange
                      C       D     A
And you know what I'm talkin' about
                        C    D    A
Just let me know if you   wanna go
C  D    A           C   D     A
To that home out on the range
                                C D A
They gotta lotta nice girls ah

A               C D A    C D
     Have mercy
A                  C D      A
Uh heh how how how   Uh heh    how how how

        C    D         A
Well, I hear it's fine
       C   D        A
If you got the time
C   D   A              C    D
And the ten to get yourself in
A hmm, hmm
      C    D          A          C     D        A
And I hear it's tight       most ev - 'ry night
C     D   A          C     D
  But now I might be mis - taken
Hmm, hmm, hmm

(Change key - same strumming pattern)

C    Eb F  x16


|-/5---5---5----|-/4---4---4----|-/3---3---3----|-----------2------|  x2

(Back to original key - same strumming pattern)

A    C D

(Repeat till end and fade)

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